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How Often Should You Change an Engine Air Filter?

Your vehicle’s engine air filter is an essential component to keeping your vehicle running smoothly on the Fort Worth roads, but it can be easy to overlook. Typically, you’ll need a new air filter installed every 30,000-45,0000 miles. However, the engine air filter on your vehicle is different from other vehicles, so you might have […]

Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

“My steering wheel shakes. Why is my steering wheel shaking?” Those are questions that more than one Hudson Oaks customer has asked the technicians in our Service Center. There are several possible causes for a shaky steering wheel, and we go through all of those causes below. So, if your steering wheel has started to shake, […]

Can You Lease a Car with Bad Credit?

If you’re shopping for a new car in the Fort Worth area and have sub-prime credit, then you’re probably asking yourself, “Can I lease a car with bad credit?” Not only is it possible to lease a new car with bad credit, but the finance center can show you some tips on how to get the best […]

Can I Sell A Car Without A Title?

Maybe you have a junk car with no title, or maybe you lost your title somewhere. Whatever the case may be, selling a no-title car is illegal in most states, including Texas. If you’re trying to sell your vehicle in the Fort Worth area, then Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford has some tips that you should […]

Premium Offroad And Lifted Trucks In Weatherford, Texas

Are you looking for a new pickup truck that is better than the average truck? Do you need a truck that can go off-roading? Then you should visit us at Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford and speak to one of our friendly sales associates. We currently have a large amount of Premium Lifted and Off Road […]

Love Weatherford Day Breakfast

The LWD project aims to support Parker County residents who are experiencing financial challenges or lack the resources to fix their homes. This initiative has deeply touched our hearts, knowing that our congregation and local businesses have come together to create a significant impact in the lives of those in need. Experience the power of […]

Livestock Sales

Thank you so much to Shottenkirk Dealerships for their generous donations to our local Livestock Sales At Shottenkirk Weatherford, we’re proud to serve our North Texas neighbors by providing not just cars and services, but also our support. We love this area because of the thriving arts, education and sports culture- it’s what makes Granbury such […]

What is a Good Interest Rate For A Car Loan?

What is a good rate for a car loan? If you’re like a lot of our Hudson Oaks customers, you like to do your research. You come into a dealership knowing which car you want, what the reviews say about it, what the MSRP on it is, and what the Kelly Blue Book value is […]

How Much is a Toyota Camry?

The 2020 Toyota Camry is in Hudson Oaks, updating this ever-popular mid-size sedan with some of the most innovative features on the market. But how much is a Toyota Camry around Fort Worth? Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford covers the Toyota Camry price, featuring standard features, and the luxurious upgrade options.Trade ValueFinance Application2020 Toyota Camry Price by TrimThere […]

Toyota SUVs With 3rd-Row Seating

If you’re someone who needs some extra legroom for your growing family or just needs more space for your Fort Worth weekend adventures, then you’re probably wondering which Toyotas have a third row. There are a few different 3-row Toyota models, and Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford has the highlight features of each, so you can decide which […]

What is GAP Insurance?

If you’re like most Fort Worth drivers, you may be unfamiliar with GAP insurance or what it covers. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance covers the difference or gap between your vehicle’s value and what you still owe on the vehicle. Learn more about what GAP protection entails and how you can get protected with the finance […]

Diesel Vs Gas Trucks

If you’re looking for a new truck in the Fort Worth area, you might be wondering whether you should choose a diesel vs. gas truck. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? You’ll want to have as much information as possible before making a committed decision, and Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford has got you […]

Can You Trade In a Financed Car?

If you’re hoping to upgrade your Fort Worth travels, you may be wondering, “Can you trade in a financed car?” Absolutely, you can trade in a financed car for a lease or new purchase at Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the loan on your vehicle doesn’t go away […]

How to Sell a Car at a Dealership

If you’re selling your car for the first time and contemplating selling to a dealership, you might be wondering, “How does selling your car to a dealership work?” The process is quite simple as most dealerships will offer to buy your car through what’s called a buyback program or make you an offer when you […]

Can You Finance a Car with No Credit?

If you have bad credit, it can feel like a new car is out of your reach. Actually, financing a car with bad credit or no credit is possible at many Fort Worth-area dealerships! Although you may need to spend more time applying for an auto loan, it’s likely that you’ll still receive multiple offers. Read […]

Moonroof vs. Sunroof

You’ve probably heard your friends in Fort Worth describe their car as having a sunroof and others saying their car has a moonroof. So, what’s the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? There actually are some notable differences between the two, and Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford has your guide to which is which. Learn […]

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