How to Sell a Car at a Dealership

If you’re selling your car for the first time and contemplating selling to a dealership, you might be wondering, “How does selling your car to a dealership work?” The process is quite simple as most dealerships will offer to buy your car through what’s called a buyback program or make you an offer when you buy a new vehicle. Selling your car to a dealership can help you put more money towards your new vehicle, but you can also take the offer to buy your car without having to buy a new car. The choice is yours, but learn how to sell a car at a dealership with Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford, and visit us near Fort Worth to sell us your vehicle for a great cash offer.

Why Sell Your Car to a Dealership? 

When you decide to sell your car, you can save a lot of time and effort selling to a dealership compared to trying to sell it in the Azle area yourself. Some of the benefits of selling your car to a dealership include: 

  • Selling your vehicle as a trade-in can lower the price of your new vehicle as you’ll have more money to put towards your new ride. You can value your trade online at Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford. 
  • Trading in your current vehicle to a dealership has plenty of tax advantages as you can pay the sales tax on the difference between your current vehicle’s trade-in value and the price of your new vehicle. 
  • Spend less time and hassles listing your car online, bartering with potential buyers, and giving test drives. 

How to Sell a Car to a Dealership Step by Step

Once you’re ready to sell your vehicle to a dealership in the Mineral Wells area, here is what you should do before bringing in your vehicle: 

  • Have your car detailed, washed, cleaned, and replace small parts to make it more presentable to the dealership and get a better offer. 
  • Make a list of all the benefits of your vehicle that stand out, like the maintenance history, additional features, accessories, and anything else that can increase the vehicle’s value. 
  • Be sure to have the title of your vehicle on hand when you bring it to a dealership. 
  • Use sites like or Kelley Blue Book to research dealerships in your area and compare different offers on what your vehicle goes for online. 
  • If you have an older vehicle, then you might have an easier time going to a used dealership. If your vehicle is newer, then most dealerships will take it no problem. 

How the Selling Process Works

How does selling your car to a dealership work? When you bring in your vehicle to a dealership for sale, here is how the process will look: 

  1. Set an appointment so that the dealership can have the proper documentation ready to go. 
  2. A used car manager or a specialist will collect your information, run a vehicle history report on your vehicle, and handle the rest of the sale. 
  3. Usually, the used car manager will also inspect your car or have it taken to the service center for quality and mechanical inspection. 
  4. The dealership will then make an offer that you can accept, decline, or negotiate. 

For more questions about how to sell your car to our dealership, visit our finance center at Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford in Hudson Oaks. You can also come to us for other car-buying tips like how to sell a car with no title and more. 

Sell Your Car at Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford

Now that you know how selling your car to a dealership works, contact us to get the process started. Bring your vehicle to our dealership, and we’ll take care of the rest. Curious about selling a car that has a loan balance? Learn about trading in a financed car with our team today!

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May 23, 2024
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