In The Community

At Shottenkirk Weatherford, we’re proud to serve our North Texas neighbors by providing not just cars and services, but also our support. We love this area because of the thriving arts, education and sports culture- it’s what makes Granbury such a special place for work, play and life! Show your appreciation back with one of our generous “Granbury Grants,” which help make tomorrow brighter for us all. Home is where the heart is – welcome home!

Thank you so much to Shottenkirk Dealerships for their generous donations to our local Livestock Sales

“Thank you so much to Shottenkirk Dealerships for their generous donations to our local Livestock Sales. Due to the wonderful contribution allocated to us, we were able to “purchase” 25 youth projects, do 26 add-ons (which is an additional donation on top of their sale price for hardship cases,Seniors,hard workers,etc).. and to donate to their scholarship fund. Since these shows are Premium Shows & Sales, the kids get to keep the project and receive the money as well. They can take that project further and continue to exhibit it at the major shows.The money received at the local level allows them to continue down the road! It is such a wonderful thing to be a part of and I am so glad Shottenkirk Dealerships decided to partner with us this year!!

We have some wonderful ideas moving forward on how you guys can dive even further into the educational sponsorship portion of the sale, meaning scholarships,etc. ” – Lindsey Fletcher

Love Weatherford Day Breakfast

The LWD project aims to support Parker County residents who are experiencing financial challenges or lack the resources to fix their homes. This initiative has deeply touched our hearts, knowing that our congregation and local businesses have come together to create a significant impact in the lives of those in need. Experience the power of Love Weatherford Day.